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Age of Woe - 'An Ill Wind Blowing' (LTD Cassette)


Harmacy's next metal release comes courtesy of Age Of Woe. This Gothenburg based act's latest release an 'An Ill Wind Blowing', flits effortlessly between brutal uptempo thrash and glacially doom inflected passages, even going as far as adding elements of Moroccan folk music into their brutal sonic assault.

We have 30, each copy includes a digital download code.

Side 1

1.Voices of the Unheard 03:33
2.Bad Blood 05:31
3.Kiñe Weza Kuruf Konkey 01:25
4.Heavy Clouds 06:38

Side 2

1.Havens Burn to Cinder 07:12
2.Ill Winds 04:56
3.Halo of Flies 06:41