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Green Yeti - The Yeti Has Landed


This is the latest release from out metal sub label, this release comes from Athens stoner rock act Green Yeti, four lengthy tracks of sludgy riffage spread over an hour long runtime.

Now available on a limited edition (30 available via Harmacy) release on green cassette, includes a download code from Bandcamp which includes options for .wav, flac and mp3.

Side 1

1. The Yeti Has Landed 16:28
2. Acari 17:35

Side 2

3. Old Man 19:21
4. Uppervols 09:06

"Green fucking Yeti is a hazy, huge, swampy mass, which will take you far away...After listening to the album, a power overcomes you and you are forced to listen to the whole thing again. And again. And again…"

"Welcome to the debut album of Green Yeti, “The Yeti has Landed”. For the next 62 minutes, you will experience the psychedelic hallucinations from a massive hit you didn’t see it coming."

"The Yeti Has Landed pops like a comet and leaves behind only ashes and debris, no living organism. From the speakers springs a sonic mass to swallow. The album is a fucking living organism whose aim is to erode, to be sucked inside and to devour without mercy! Only death and destruction!"
(Stoned Meadow of Doom - youtu.be/Z4SvMdNPUcc )

"When The Yeti Has Landed's brilliant final track, the more mournful and feedback shrouded Uppervols has rung out its last notes, the feeling of epicness is felt throughout and you when you start to piece together what you have just heard, you will want to experience the epic journey again right from the start."

"A space psychedelia dominates most of the time treating listeners with a powerful route in a sonic voyage of epic proportions"
released February 19, 2016

All songs written & performed by Green Yeti.
Recorded Live during Summer 2015 at Green Yeti's Lair.
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Green Yeti.
Album Artwork by SoloMacello. (www.facebook.com/solomacello667/)

Bass: Danis Avramidis
Guitar & Vocals: Michael Andresakis
Drums: Fotis Antoniou