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Hearty Har - S/T


Harmacy records are proud to present the self titled debut of LA based psych rock act Hearty Har.

Side A

Apoco's Tongue 07:09
Ocean Blue 05:38
Elephant & the Mouse 05:26
Volcanic Interruption 03:02
Goo Goo Muck 02:36
Coyote 03:19

Side B
Drawbridge 05:05
She's My Witch 03:59
One Mist Story 05:21
The Pitcher & the Thirsty Crow 05:15
Molera 02:01
Dig the Burrows 03:43
Smile Eyes 05:42

Recorded at Kingsize Soundlabs and HOB Studios Encino

Mixed by Max Moon

Mastered by TW Walsh

Limited Edition of 25