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King Buffalo - Orion


The latest release from our metal hard rock imprint Giallo Tapes, is Orion, the debut from Rochester, New York based stoner rock band King Buffalo, a band that juxtaposes crunch doom riffs with more quieter atmospheric sections.

Side 1

1. Orion 06:34
2. Monolith 03:45
3. Sleeps On a Vine 07:31
4. Kerosene 06:03

Side 2

5. Down From Sky 03:23
6. Goliath 04:51
7. Orion Subsiding 05:33
8. Drinking From the River Rising 09:58

30 cassettes om black shells with download code.

Written and recorded by King Buffalo in Rochester, NY at the Main Street Armory in 2015. Mixed and Engineered by Sean McVay. Mastered for digital by Matt Ramerman.