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Sergeant Thunderhoof - Zigurat (limited edition yellow cassette)


After our last release with Bath based stoner rock band Sergeant Thunderhoof we return with a limited (50 copies) release of their debut album Zigurat on yellow cassette shells. We have 25 for sale.

A digital download is not contained here, but you can download the album on the bands Bandcamp page


Side 1

1. Devil Whore 07:54
2. Pity For The Son 08:21
3. Om Asato Ma Sadgamaya 04:50

Side 2

4. Lunar Worship 09:39
5. After Burner 08:31

"a psychedelic riff laden monster that blends Doom, Stoner Rock Hard Rock and Groove Rock. This album is dripping with class. Brilliant and highly recommended" - SludgeLord

"This is an unbelievably excellent debut release. One that you will never tire of." - Echoes and Dust

"These guys ascend to a higher sound. Mixing together elements from various styles but never forgetting the power of the riff! Simply astounding." - Metal Horizon

"bombastic stoner-doom, atmospheric post-sludge and post-prog. Quality work" - R.A.I.G.

"Commands attention from beginning to end. Even greater things are bound to follow" - Hevisike
released April 9, 2014

Recorded at Stage 2 Studios Bath (UK)

Produced & Mixed by Ben Turner
Mastered by Optimum Mastering