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Spaceslug - Time Travel Dilemma (limited Blue Cassette)


Our next release on Giallo Tapes/Harmacy is from Polish stoner rockers Spaceslug. We have a limited number of this release on blue cassette, each copy includes a digital download code.


Side 1
1. Osiris 06:56
2. Living The Eternal Now 08:40
3. The Great Pylon Collider 05:41

Side 2
1. Parahorizon 10:47
2. What Falls Is Fallen 01:56
3. Time Travel Dilemma 10:07

Bartosz Janik - Guitars/Vocals
Jan Rutka - Bass/Vocals
Kamil Ziółkowski - Drums/Vocals

Mixed & Mastered by: Haldor Grunberg (Satanic Audio)
Recorded at: Maq Studio, Satanic Audio 12-15/01/2017
Sound Engineer: Jakub Radomski

CoverArt and layout: Maciej Kamuda

Special Guests:
Sander Haagmans(Sungrazer/The Whims Of The Great Magnet) - guest vocals in Title Track
Jakub Radomski - additional synth/keys in "Parahorizon" and "What Falls Is Fallen"

released February 17, 2017


"There are aspects of Time Travel Dilemma that most certainly play to genre, but even these do so with a palpable intention toward leaving an individualized mark rather than simply repeating what’s come before. To call that admirable would be an understatement."

"Spaceslug brought the jams with this piece and by God, it will propel them into such a status that will gain them the recognition they so clearly deserve!"

"This is an album that catapults us into the coldest and loneliest stars of spatial infinity. Enter 'Time Travel Dilemma' orbit and witness one of the most aesthetic matches between opulence, delicacy and rhythmicity."

"Spaceslug is legit! These guys are heavy retro rockers. Their debut album Lemanis was powerful; Time Travel Dilemma is masterful."

"Time Travel Dilemma is a magnificent album. What more can be said, apart from you need this album."