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Whale Fall - The Madrean


Harmacy Records are proud to present a limited edition cassette release from LA based post-rock act Whale Fell.

From the groups Bandcamp page.

"Join the journey of The Madrean, a collection of eight thematically linked compositions paying homage to the Madrean region of North America, the arid landmass spanning the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. With band members having spent their respective formative years in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and California, the Madrean Region is an inescapable internal and external space for Whale Fall, and the intersection of its urban and natural environs—from L.A. freeway overpasses to majestic Sierra peaks—serve as both the backdrop and the foreground of the music of The Madrean as well as the accompanying visual imagery."

Limited run of 25.

Side I

The Dawn Thief 07:18
I Shall Sail No More (No More Shall I Sail) 06:11
Tahquitz 07:18
On River, On Route 04:33

Side II

El Pistolero 08:24
Overpass LA 05:01
Heart Space 08:41
The Madrean 09:37