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Yidhra - Cult of Bathory EP


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Los Angeles-based stoner/doom volume abusers release their new 10-inch EP via Black Voodoo Records. Titled Cult Of Bathory, the followup to 2013’s critically-lauded Hexed full-length was captured live with master engineer and producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Corrosion of Conformity, Trouble, etc.) at Skull Seven Productions and boasts four rumbling, lead-footed anthems centered on the occult, witchcraft, inhumanity, life, death and imminent destruction.

“Endlessly unnerving, always keeping you on your toes without allowing your heels to ever touch the ground. That’s Yidhra’s strength: convention and resolution are thrown out the door in favor of trapping you in their sonic discomfort; it makes for addictive listening, like stoner doom Stockholm syndrome”

“If you like your doom to carry the groove of stoner rock then Yidhra are for you." ... "I can’t recommend this album any stronger.”

“Those goddamned riffs had sunk their hooks into my skin and were swimming through my skull like hungry, hungry hookworms”

“A breath of fresh air in a dank, stoner environment littered with sabbathy retreads." ... "Yidhra really mix up rhythm and timing to lay down some catchy stoner doom jams.”

“Sound systems across the globe should have Yidhra at max.”

“Every song is laden with buzzing groove and slick melodies that get your head nodding and get you up and out of your seat. More than getting your head nodding, Yidhra make you feel the need to try and summon spirits and stir a cauldron thick with bubbling blood" ... "Once they have their boot on your chest with their crushing style of doom they never let up”

“Cult of Bathory is just some raunchy stoner doom and I love it.”

“A grim skull crushing battery of audible assault that will leave its listeners in an intensive care unit if not cautious" ... "This is what the hell true Doom is all about with its bleak, dark subject matter and the Apocalypse-welcoming musical presentation it provides”

“California’s stoner/doom metal outfit Yidhra have an incredible sound and tonality. You really got to hear it if you haven’t”

“The songs are well-written examples of the style that have both a modern and a timeless edge to them. They’re also gritty and earthy without losing a certain lustre" ... "The riffs and melodies the band employ are familiar without sounding stale or over-used”

“One wouldn’t exactly call "Cult of Bathory" subtle as it mines desolate landscapes and pummels front-to-back in a burled-out assault of sludge riffs atop rolling doom grooves, but in its imagery and atmosphere, its songs give a glimpse at a world gone dark”

“Anyone who can appreciate the almighty power of the riff should appreciate what these guys do, and just how well they do it.”

“Slow, massive riffs, pounding drums and gruff vocals combine here to create a headbanger’s dream.”

“Yidhra’s newest compositions came across as highly impressive”

Side 1

1. Cult of Bathory 06:08
2. Iron Mountain 08:11

Side 2

3. The Adversary 05:49
4. Reign of Terror 06:49